Brookfield, Shiplake

Client:  – Private
Architect:   – Chris Tapp
Contractor: – Ras Building
Glulam:  –  Hess Timber Limitless
Cost:   – £2,000,000
Type:  – Private Residential
Status:  – Complete

This fabulous modern family home was designed to be both eco-friendly and stunning in appearance.

The building has glued laminated timber beams throughout with easi joist floors to allow for services through the floor structure. The timber frames cantilever to create additional space within the first floor whilst providing lateral stability to the building.

The exposed timber beams create a stunning visual aesthetic.  With double height living area the main timber beams create an overhang walkway for the access at first floor.

All joints within the timber beams were recessed into the timber to avoid any downstand elements. All bolts were countersunk to create unobtrusive flush details.

Due to the proximity to the river the whole building is raised up on stilts. This allows for some utilities under the raised ground floor and the creation of the internal olive tree growing in the hallway.

The curved roof is mirrored by the curved timber on plan. This throws up its own structural issued with torsional deflection of beams. The kind of problems we love!

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