Colthorn Barn – Old Marston

Client: Private

Consultants: Architect – Bluesketch Studio

Cost: £800,000
Type: Private Residential
Status: Complete

This stunning building clearly achieves the clients brief for an outstanding modern building of character and style set on the side of this stunning reservoir.

The complex geometry of the buildings form was achieved with a steel frame and timber stud walls, all located on a reinforced concrete balance podium deck.

The buildings height was required to provide spectacular views onto the reservoir.

The podium deck was located on pad foundations with reinforced concrete circular columns up to the cantilevered concrete podium slab.

The slab is balanced on only six columns creating the feeling of the building floating above ground.

Initial design attempts with external SIPS and CLT companies proved unworkable with the challenging  geometry and long span cantilevers.

Centrespace were able to design a braced steel frame to meet the complex brief and overcome the irregular forms created by the cut out areas and tall windows.

The design incooporated a lift for DDA access and a bridge platform to allow access to the annex unit.

The entire building was clad in CorTen sheet cladding to create a natural aesthetic in the rural setting.

The large expanse of glazing was created utilising large steel columns to take the cantilevered slab and roof.

With the first floor terrace being mesh filled to maximise on the light through to the stair windows facing onto the entrance.

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