Knighton Mill – Salisbury

Client: John Faith
Consultants: Architect – Spratley & Partner –  M&E – Quinn Ross
Cost: £2,500,000
Type: Private Residential
Status: Planning

This unique building not only pushes the boundaries in terms of architectural design, but also with regards to the structure.

The new build construction consists of a large reinforced concrete basement and ground floor slab, which acts as the foundations for the building. The superstructure is formed from a complete steel frame, with composite concrete decking at first floor level.

The master bedroom at first floor cantilevers out by an impressive 5m. To minimise the expected deflections & due to the glazing tolerances, CSD were required to  become very innovative with the structural design.

To add to the complexity of the design, the client wished to have a completely thermally sealed building. CSD successfully managed to engineer the structure to avoid any cold bridges around the hidden gutters & window frames.

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